07 November 2013

Hello, this is Sophia. Recently I read a really interesting article, [blogging like a hacker] (http://tom.preston-werner.com/2008/11/17/blogging-like-a-hacker.html), and was totally inspired. The idea of blogging on github has long been hovering on my mind since some months ago. So when the tutorial came up to my face I decided “Oh, this is the time. I am doing this, right now.”

The combination of jekyll + Markdown + Github is awesome. Minimal markup syntax to memorize. Sample site to customize. Publish as you commit. Simple enough, fair enough. The style is clean and elegant, a rare virtue seldom found among the millions of blog templates on WordPress and Blogger.

Just played around with this first post using MarkDown. So far so good, and it looks so great! I’m alreay in the mood for writing the second.

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